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I am a three time American Ninja Warrior competitor, Ninja Consultant, Sports Commentator, Host, and Father. Through my company, World Ninja Sport, I help gyms create sustainable and progressive Ninja Warrior inspired obstacle course training classes in their gyms. Utilizing my experience as a competitor and coach, I've developed a Ninja curriculum called Ninja Sport and the World's first Ninja Coach Certification called SPOTTED.


The Ninja Sport curriculum breaks Ninja training down to obstacle groups and explains proper set up; warm up, spotting, and conditioning for each obstacle; and lists the progressions to ensure that your Ninjas have the tools needed to safely advance through Ninja training.


The Ninja Certification is a very robust, hands-on, two day certification. It is the first of its kind, Ninja Warrior and obstacle course coach certification, developed and taught by American Ninja Warrior athletes and coaches. SPOTTED stands for Safe Progressive Obstacle Training Techniques Education. Our mission is to help progress the sport of ninja by helping gyms run safer, more efficient, more successful ninja programs. The SPOTTED ninja certification starts with the most fundamental coaching and spotting techniques to ensure that, first and foremost, every coach is equipped to run a safe class. Then, we delve deeper with hands on training to show proper skill progressions, creative obstacle course setups, and all of the safety precautions to take for each progression. SPOTTED is safe and progressive training!




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Justin Conway Ninja Warrior Consultant
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Justin Conway Ninja Warrior Consultant
Justin Conway Ninja Warrior Consultant
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