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NYN - NNL Qualifier - January 2020

Qualify for your chance at Total Victory!
Call (347) 987-3228
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On 1-18-2020 and 1-19-2020 New York Ninja at Brooklyn Zoo NY will host Adult and Youth National Ninja League qualifiers!

January 18th - Teen, Young Adult, Adult, and Masters
January 19th - Kids, Mature Kids, and Preteen


Limited availability - register early!
The top 3 male and top 3 female competitors will qualify to the National Finals! There will be redemption time on the obstacles at the end of the day.

Qualifying Competitions
The country's top Ninja gyms will be hosting qualifying events for the fifth annual National Ninja Championship! In order to qualify contestants will partake in a 1 stage 10-20 obstacle qualifier. The top 3 male and female athletes from each qualifier will advance to compete in the National Ninja Championship.

National Ninja Championship
The top athletes that qualify at local gyms will compete in the National Ninja Championship. The Championship will have 3 stages with each stage more difficult than the last!

Qualifying Course Rules
Course will be 10-20 obstacles
Course will have upper body and lower body elements
Courses cannot be practiced ahead of time
The top 3 athletes will be the 3 males and females that completed the course in the fastest time or who went the furthest the fastest.

Competitors can compete in multiple qualifiers but cannot double qualify for an event. In the event a competitor makes the top 3 more then once his/her qualifying spot will simply go to the next best competitor.

More information here

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The course is set up to be fun for any skill level, but it gets harder as you progress. The NNL qualifier will be like an extended version of our usual New York Ninja Warrior courses. Our course will combine elements from all four stages.

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230 Bogart Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206

For event questions call Justin Conway (631) 988-2637


You may also contact Brooklyn Zoo to register over the phone

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About Justin Conway and New York Ninja Events


I am an event designer, promoter, and host of Ninja Events. I created New York Ninja - the obstacle course training event at Brooklyn Zoo in NY that has attracted thousands from across the country. Working with professional ninja obstacle builders and pros from the show American Ninja Warrior, New York Ninja brings life-sized obstacles into a gym to allow kids, teens, and adults to train and get tips on how to compete!


New York Ninja started as a one time event in April of 2014 but it was so successful that the owner asked us to come back on a regular basis. Please see information about our next event and some of the promo videos that I've produced below.


Contact me about ninja event design, promotion, and hosting.

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