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Ninja obstacle course training is extremely popular and American Ninja Warrior is one of the most watched shows on TV. Kids and Adults LOVE running obstacle courses - so let's give 'em a place to train!


First, I'll get to know your goals and work with you to create a business plan for your Ninja Classes. Then, we'll create the structure for your program - everything from marketing materials and obstacle course design to training your coaches and ongoing support! I will show you how to start a Ninja Warrior program at your gym! Read more about available services below.


Contact me for more information.

Ninja Sport at Five-Star - Featured Newsday video
Justin Conway Ninja Warrior Consultant

Ninja Curriculum

Ninja Sport curriculum gives step-by-step instructions for teaching kids and adults how to progress through Ninja training!

Course Design

Learn how to use obstacles and gymnastic equipment already in your gym for Ninja classes

Hands-on Coach Training

Teach your coaches how to coach - our eight hour instructor intensive teaches all the basic and advanced techniques for coaching and spotting on Ninja obstacles

Ninja Obstacles

Custom built to suit your gym! Any obstacles that you've seen and even some that you havn't - we can build and install!

Markeing Materials and SEO

Learn how to market your new business with attractive videos, social media marketing, and even updating your web site so that ninjas can find you!

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